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Hey friends, My name is Ritchi and I'm the beautifully ripe age of 16.
Heheh, I'm a huge closet furry and I have a thing for people who cross-dress and frequently do it myself-- I currently reside in a tiny cottage up in the northwoods of Wisconsin, thankfully so because when shit gets bad and power grids go down in the cities I'll be totally safe.
I'm here with my mom and my satan spawn of a younger brother, who, shockingly, looks up to me. Little does he know that I love DRAMAtical Murder and Homestuck and wish that I could have Tim Curry in drag 24/7. I have a buncha' OCs and I love to rp with them because it gives me a chance to get away from my reality for a time, that and they're like imaginary friends giving me pats on the back and support when no one else can. I could talk forever about politics and apocalypses and different drawing techniques.
I am a really big fan of ASMR, dreaming, Idoser and Hypnosis as well. I've never really been a very big gamer but I enjoy games like The Endless Forest and Minecraft and some indie horror games. I listen to a lot of music but my current favorites are all over the place, Mother Mother, Ken Ashcorp, Futret, Goatbed, Does It Offend You, Yeah? and Lapfox among others.
My minecraft username is breakingKaput and you can find me on facebook at or tumblr at pinklemonadebug.tumblr
I hope you enjoy my art!

It can't run, it can't walk but that little piece of rice sure can fly


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check them out they are pretty cool
smut buddy: :icondraconianbullshit:

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Hello friends! As some of you may know, these past few months have been filled with pain and insufferable loathing. Between community service to packing and moving and bugs and spiders and bees (oh my!) it was a rather unpleasant August. Now that it's september, though, class is in session (oh yeah and get this; I actually made friends) and I have a few announcements. 
If you were going to commission me, or I said I would draw you something, you can just forget about it lmao. Because by now I have no idea who asked what for one reason or another, and if you want me to do something you'll have to remind me. 
My day starts at 5 in the morning, and the bus doesn't get to the school till 8:00. When it lets out at 3:30 I'm not home until almost 5. (on a good day) So I don't have much time or energy for doing art stuff at the moment, and I apologize for anybody who likes my digital art even a shred because I won't have time to sit down and do any of it. There most certainly will be tons of notebook doodles though, just because I am not posting does not mean I am not drawing. Most of those will be posted to my facebook;…;
I also have a new Deviant account, one of which I will not share here, but will be posted on my facebook page for people who really wish to have it. Most, if not all my artwork I do will be posted THERE instead of HERE. 
Chances are I already watched you on the other account, and if you see a vanilla with a bunch of numbers it is me. 

I don't want to make this journal too extensively, horribly long, so I'll leave it at this. Though most of you won't care to take a look I bolded shit for you skimmers.

Have a beautiful September 7th everybody!

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breakingKaput has started a donation pool!
318 / 8,000
Commisions, adopts and donations are always open dudes!!! For every donation above 300 points will automatically capture you a freebie on anything you want drawn!!!
(No matter how dirty)
+a llama.
70 points and up a speedpaint will be granted!!
(Also includes llama)
thanks for helping me guys
these are the prices otherwise:
20:points: A SKETCH
50:points: A LINE ART
200:points: AN ANIMATED TALKSPRITE [includes 2 expressions of choice]
(add 50:points: and you get another dynamic pose]

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You're probably in the middle of an hiatus but what drawing program do you use
SquishBoys Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I actually moved accounts! To this one, haha. Sorry for the HUGELY late reply I completely forgot I had this account around. I use PaintTool SAI for my artwork!!
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I drew one of your characters >v>…
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Thank you for the watch. I really appreciate it a lot. :D
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